Saturday, 2 February 2013


I added a slope to the terrain, a temporary skybox and LAVA !
Next thing will be Parallax background, lava with beach wave effect and better sprite for the SMs.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stickyming (working title) - 2nd Game for #1GAM


I just started to code for my 2nd game : Stickyming (working title).

It will be a lemmings-like with stick figures.
As a player, you will need to escort a certain amount of SMs (Stickymings) from a village to another. Some hazards could be present on the road to the next safe zone. Your SMs will need to craft objects or do actions to continue their trip.

I plan to do a procedural terrain with random hazards and variable length.

What I did today was to create a really basic SMs walking animation and make it work in Unity.
I used Inkscape to draw my stick figure and TexturePacker to pack them in a texture map. In Unity I used the Texture offset to create the animation.

I had some difficulties drawing my stick figures, I will stick with this one, but I will probably change them if I succeed to create better looking stick figures.
Texture packed with TexturePacker
Just for fun, I added two colliders at the edge of the screen to force my SMs to change direction.
Demo1 : SMs spawn and changing direction.
Next time, I will work on the terrain.

Monday, 28 January 2013

First game for #1GAM : Asteroid Trainer


This is my first blog for my first game.

I'm a professional programmer for a big simulator company.I usually code in C++ using our proprietary frameworks.

I started learning how to make games last year, but this year will be my first year as an indie developer. I participate at LD48 #25 - Jam and now I'm doing #1GAM. I will be using Unity3d, Gimp, Inkscape, sfxr, sketchup and blender.

I learned a lot with and

And now the real thing
Here is my first #1GAM game :  Asteroid Trainer.

Asteroid Trainer - Title Screen
The player is a spaceship that has to destroy asteroid to make points.

I did it from scratch using what I learned from CookingWithUnity.

I did the model in sketchup8, the sound with SfxR and the music with

I found it fun to play, but I would like to add more powerups, a better GUI and some enemies with AI.
But for a first submission, I think I did well.
Game screen: Asteroids, bullets, spaceship and gibs

If you want to play, here is the link : Asteroid Trainer 

Stay tuned for my next releases !

Twitter : @_jpcote_